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  • Have you ever wondered when your house was built and who built it?
  • Want to know who has lived in your house, and what they did for a living?
  • Want more information on past owners or residents and their descendants?
  • Are you a real estate professional looking for a unique promotional tool?
  • Interesting in finding old photographs of a property?

If these questions intrigue you, you've come to the right place. The House Historian provide clients with the fascinating details of a house's genealogy — its development and the story of those who lived there. Every serious homeowner should have a record of their home's past on hand. It makes a wonderful conversation piece for guests, and can increase resale value and marketability of the home.

House & Property Histories are among several Historycatcher Historical and Genealogical Services offered by Scott Searches an investigative, research, and historical consulting firm in Chattanooga, TN. I am available to research the history of any residential property in Chattanooga, and offer a series of reports and research options that make the cost of a house history affordable for most any property owner.

I also can do custom historical research on residential and farm properties, and homesites in a ten county area of Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, and Northeast Alabama.