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The House Historian examines a wide variety of public and private records to develop a detailed history of the people who have owned and resided in a home.

Reports: Our house history reports provide a homeowner, or prospective homeowner, in Chattanooga a way to learn historical details about residential properties they can't obtain from an abstract of title that normally accompanies a title insurance policy. Thoroughly researched from multiple official and other sources, these reports are written in a "non legalese" style and cover the entire period of a structure's existence.

With a minimum of cost, you will learn the names of
owners and residents of a house (with options to learn extensive details about these people and their descendents), find out about the neighborhood developer, receive copies of the neighborhood plat and other historical and proprietory maps, such as insurance maps (if available), and possibly find old pictures of the property held by former owners and their descendants.

Many areas in Chattanooga, such as Fortwood, Glenwood, Missionary Ridge, North Chattanooga & Northshore, Saint Elmo, Ferger Place, and others are filled with homes at least 75 years and older offering unique histories to unearth. Homes of any age or size can be researched when you want to know details about prior owners or residents. You certainly don't have to own a mansion in order to afford, or need a house history.

Custom Research: I can also provide custom research of the histories of farms, houses, and homesites in ten counties of Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, & Northeast Alabama, either as a standalone project, or as part of a genealogical research project. Custom research is billed at either a reasonable hourly rate, plus expenses, or in some cases a per project fee can be quoted. Research time includes research, analysis, and report preparation. Billable expenses include mileage, photocopies, etc. Contact me with the details and I can give you an estimate. Research results for custom research will depend on records & sources available for a given area.

Please Note: I do not perform legal services, such as title examinations, warranties of title, etc.
House & Property Histories are intended to be used for historical information, or historic preservation documentation purposes. Also consult an attorney or title company if you are engaging in a real estate transaction.